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I make digital products

My name is Elwin, a geek from the Netherlands passionate about clean mobility, space and innovation.

What I've been working on

These are the projects I'm most proud of and really want to share with you! Dig in and read how I've managed to achieve the results, I'm sure you'll like it!

Internship at Strakzat


Empowering international students to form and maintain their own team culture


Internship at Lightyear


Platform for space enthusiasts


Creating a gauge cluster


The true scale of the solar system


Currently looking for a graduation internship

I'm currently in my last year of Commucation and Multimedia Design at Rotterdam and will be doing a graduation internship from September 2021 through January 2022. I'd love to work for a startup company either in the automotive or sustainability sector. Do you have any ideas?
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I’m trying to keep my social and digital footprint to a minimum, so I’m not using the most conventional platforms. These are the ones I’m currently most active on.